Sara Elizabeth Perry


I’ve always been a storyteller. Remember that kid in trouble for talking? That was me. I’m a firm believer that your childhood plays a major role in your future. Good or bad — the impression is up to you. Not one to be held back by my faults, in 2020 I leveraged my gift of communication and opened my business, Gemini Design Studio, LLC. My passion for individuality far exceeds the threads of a coveted jean jacket and is a value embedded in the foundation of Gemini Design Studio. Your brand is better when it is YOU. Much more than a pretty logo, your brand is crafted from your business’s core — your values, your stories, your personality.

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Table of Contents

Code 102 Reading Notes: Web Development Fundamentals

Growth Mindset

Learning Markdown

The Coder’s Computer

Revisions and the Cloud

Computer Architecture and the Cloud

Designing with CSS

Dynamic Web Pages with Java Script

HTML Structure

Operators and Loops

Programming with Java Script

Code 201 Reading Notes: Foundations of Software Development

Introductory HTML and JavaScript

HTML Text, CSS Introduction, and Basic JavaScript Instructions

HTML Lists, Control Flow with JS, and the CSS Box Model

HTML Images; CSS Color & Text

Problem Domain, Objects, and the DOM

Object-Oriented Programming, HTML Tables

CSS Layout

Forms and JS Events


Class 11 Reading Notes

Docs for the HTML <canvas> Element & Chart.js

Local Storage

CSS Transforms, Transitions, and Animations

What Google Learned About Teams

Code 301 Reading Notes: Intermediate Software Development

Introduction to React and Components

State and Props

Things I want to know more about